Affordable Bookkeeping, Payroll and Tax preparation services for Nova Scotian Businesses

Outsourcing business bookkeeping is becoming more and more popular with small to medium sized businesses. 85% of bookkeeping, on average, is outsourced by most businesses which save these businesses more then 5% on every labour dollar they spend.

My business centered in Dartmouth, offers accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and end of year taxation services (tax preparation service). Keeping all of your accounting needs with one supplier will help to reduce errors and provide management with quality financial reports.

Businesses are realizing that proper financial reporting is absolutely necessary for successful business management.

You know how to run your business and you do it well. Let me handle the bookkeeping, payroll and taxation, since this is what I do best. My service is affordable, convenient, and saves in-house labour costs and resources.

Feel free to call me at any time to arrange a free consultation. I am more than willing to discuss your bookkeeping and taxation needs.


Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Business start-up services

    Do you need to incorporate? I can file the paperwork and have your business incorporated in a very short period of time.

    I charge a low, onetime fee of $800.00 to incorporate a business. Also, when tax season rolls around I will be able to handle all of your new businesses tax preparation needs at a very competitive low hourly rate.

  • Income Tax Preparation: (eFiling available)

    I am up to date with technology and the latest tax laws and standards. I am ready to apply my knowledge to your business and your accounting needs. Bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, remittances, year end issues, and income tax preparation are just a few of the related services I offer.

    My standard rate is competitive and lower then competitor rates due to my low overhead. Rates starting as low as $38.95 per hour.

  • Bookkeeping service:

    Using either Quickbooks or Simply accounting, I am up to date with technology and the latest accounting methods and standards. I am ready to apply my knowledge to your business and your Bookkeeping and accounting needs. Do you have a shoe box full of receipts? Bring your receipts and we can set up your business on one of these accounting platforms. We can have it all organized and produce monthly reports showing the status of your business.

  • Revenue Canada and Service Canada:

    I have a good working relationship with these agencies and I have many contacts which is an advantage when I am working with a challenging situation. I continue to upgrade my abilities and stay current with industry best practices in bookkeeping and accounting as well as taxation.

  • Simply Accounting and Quick Books:

    I work with these products everyday and I have taken several courses which give me a unique understanding to solve issues which others may find difficult.

  • Tutoring and Training:

    I often tutor and train my clients to use their bookkeeping applications.

  • Available, approachable and accessible:

    I work hard to insure my customers can both reach me and work with me.

  • Quality:

    I stand behind my work.

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